The Quirky Island of Skyros

We arrived in Skyros after a seven hour sail from Skopelos. Skyros is a beautiful island with a haunted side. Bones can be found in abundance in many places, sometimes you can even find a whole deceased goat. Some peculiar things we saw compelled us to form a hypothesis that tortoises are actually aliens running away from alligator men.

Linaria – the port were we stayed while in Skyros

Now, into more detail about Skyros. First, I’ll start with the south side of the island. This side was my favorite, we hired a minivan and drove to Achilles bay. Then from there we drove to a church with a short stop-off at tortoise hill where an abomination lay, a giant stone monster, with eyes as black as the abyss it came from, as brave explorers we ventured up the hill and found two tortoises! We assumed that these two lonely reptilian (Or most likely alien!) souls were refugees from their home Tortoiseiniua (Tortoise-in-ua). Which has been consumed by war with the giant alligator men. After following the tortoises around for a while we left for the church. The church was on a hill and the drive up was quite dangerous. Inside we lit a candle then left. After this we went to another church, the area was eerie, the fact that there were two goat skeletons added to the creepiness of the place. Soon we left and went home.

Tortoise Hill

Over the next couple of days we toured the north side of the island, and rode Skyrian horses. Skyrian horses are very small, so small in fact that a twelve year old is too much for them, I had to ride a half Skryian horse. Two of the six horses were trouble. One of the trouble makers was my mount, however, he wasn’t the worst. One horse bolted away as a little girl was mounting him. The girl fell off, luckily skyrian horses are short. My horse kept jumping and bucking. The day we rode horses was Zoe’s birthday, so after horse riding we went to a TAVERNA HANGING OFF A CLIFF!!! After a short swim we went to a restaurant for dinner and cake.

Ivy loved to be reunited with horses.
The swimming platform from the cliffside taverna

Skyros was a fun but sometimes creepy place, dead goats were a common appearance, and mountain tortoises was a bit weird. But otherwise the island was always filled with life and joy.

View from the Skyrian Kastro
  1. Hi Declan! I really enjoyed reading about your experiences on Skyros island!
    Sounded a bit spooky with the aliens and skeletons of goats! The water is so clear!
    Enjoy Greece! Love Jeanne

  2. Declan,
    Great job and keep on writing! I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Susan and Tom

  3. Interesting theory about the tortoises, not sure what you’d make of the giant ones on the Galapagos. Dead goats seem a bit scary. Bet Ivy was happy to be riding again, did she show you all how to do it?